TradeMark Registration Process, Documents and Fee

TradeMark Registration Process, Documents and Fee

TradeMark for Brand Name ( Word Mark) or Logo (Device) or Both

TM Application filing within 24 hours | Registration Certificate takes 6-8 months from department end

TradeMark Registration of your brand name or logo is important to protect your business brand value. No one remember your Company name, but Trade Name everyone remembers once goodwill is generated in the market. Your Trademark should be unique and not identical or similar to another trademark already registered. TradeMark Registration Process ONLINE and OFFLINE. Only Govt. Registered TM Agent can File Online Application and saves Rs 1000 Govt Fee. Our Founder is Govt. Registered TM Agent, hence you can save time and fee proportionately. Once the Trademark is Registered by Registrar, the R symbol can be applied thereafter. Tm Registration shall be valid for 10 years. Before expiry get renewed for another 10 years. We Offer Quick and quality services here - trademark filing, trademark search, trademark renewal, Objection reply and attend hearing.
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Benefits of Trademark Registration

Why Trademark Registration is important in business
  • A Brand Name makes your product and service separate from competitors
  • Legal Protection - A registered trademark owner has the legal right in case of infringement i.e you have a doubt that your trademark is copied by someone else, you can sue them for copying your logo, brand, name or slogan.
  • Unique Business Identity - Customer identify and recognise your products and services by Brand Name or distinguish mark
  • Goodwill & Trust of Customers - Registered Trade Name helps to build your Goodwill and creates Trust among customers as it brings uniqueness to your product.
  • Promotes Products and Services - A registering trademark work as the face of the company and its products and services. And that helps to promote its products and services

Key features of TradeMark

  • TM Registration Valid for 10 years subject to further renew for 10 years
  • Trademark is transferrable anytime from one person to another by filing application and payment of transfer fee
  • TradeMark Govt Fee is Rs 10000/- for Offline Filing and Rs 9,000/- for Online Filing
  • 50% Govt Fee concession for Individual, Recognised Startups and MSME ( Govt Fee Rs 5000/4500)
  • Use "R" after Registration Certificate received. Till then you can use TM or SM

Documents Requirements for Trademark Registration

Startup / MSME Certificate must for getting fee concession 50% for non Individual Applicant

For Startups
1) Startup Certificate, 2) Entity Registration Certificate ( COI / Firm Regn Certificate), 3) Power of Attorney ( Format we Provide), 4) Logo/Brand Name

For Individual
1) Aadhar Card / Passport Copy 2) Power of Attorney ( Format we Provide), 3) Logo/Brand Name

For Proprietorship Firm
1) GST Certificate / Shop & Establishment Certificate / Trade License, 2) Proprietor's Aadhar Card / Passport, 3) Power of Attorney ( Format we Provide), 4) Logo/Brand Name

For Company / LLP/ Partnership Firm
1) Certificate of Incorporation / Form Regn. Certificate, 2) Power of Attorney ( Format we Provide), 3) Logo/Brand Name

TradeMark Registration Process

TM Application Filing online

Post consultation we collect your required documents on email. and Then we prepare draft Power of Attorney (POA) and send you for your signature on Non Judicial Stamp papers ( value Rs 10/Rs 100).
Application Filing
Once we received your scan copy of signed POA, Next we submit application online. This job done within 24 hours of POA received.
TM Acknowledgment
Once TM Application is filed, we send you Application form and Acknowledgment copy to track online. Our Task End here.
TM Registration Certificate
Once the application submitted, this went through several process with department like – Formality Check pass, Examination by Registrar, Journal Publication and then Finally get approved if there no objection raised by Registrar at Examination or in Publication stage. Whole process takes atleast 7-8 months.

Our Professional Fees & Expenses

TradeMark Application for Individual Applicant
Includes Govt Fee Rs 4500
6500 Buy
TradeMark Application for MSME /StartupIndia Certificate holder
Includes Govt Fee Rs 4500
6500 Buy
TradeMark Application for Other applicants
Includes Govt Fee Rs 9000
11000 Buy
TradeMark Renewal
Includes Govt Fee
11000 Buy
TradeMark Transfer
Includes Govt Fee Rs 10000

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TradeMark Registration Process, Documents and Fee
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