TradeMark Hearing | Copyright Hearing

TradeMark Hearing | Copyright Hearing

TradeMark & Copyright Hearing in Person - Show Cause Notice

Either you can appear itself or Hire a Good IPR Consultants/Lawyer

When you file Reply against Objection raised by registrar in his Examination report, either Registrar get satisfied with your Reply and Accept for Advertisement in journal OR Registrar is not Satisfied with the contentions in supporting of Why TM should be granted to you. IN THAT CASE, Registrar issue a Show Cause Notice (SCN) directing the proprietor/agent of the proprietor to attend in person before Registrar at specified Date and Time and keep your contends and argue with valid points in your favour. Preferably study few past cases similar to your case and Registrar has granted TM in earlier similar cases. During the hearing, it is the art of the agent or the proprietor to convince the Registrar to allow the mark within its legality. One of the most common methods, for example, to prove distinctiveness is show usage of the mark in India so much so that the mark has ‘acquired distinctiveness.’ If the Registrar is convinced with the arguments, the mark shall be ordered to be advertised. Else the mark shall be refused.
How to take our Professional Service?

  We are providing services across India.  

Requirements to Hire a Consultants for Attending Hearing cases?

  • Power of Attorney in the name of Trademark Agent / Lawyers
  • Copy of Show Cause Notice, TM Application Form and Acknowledgement
  • Copy of Objection Reply submitted and all other attachment
  • Copy of ID and Address proof of Proprietor

Our Professional Fees & Expenses

TM Hearing (against SCN)
in Delhi TM Office | Fee per Hearing attend
9000 Buy
TM Hearing (against SCN)
Outside Delhi TM Office | | Fee per Hearing attend
15000 Buy
Copyright Hearing
in Delhi TM Office only | | Fee per Hearing attend
9000 Buy

Note : TM Hearing Outside Delhi cases, Travelling and other Expenses to be borne by Client and not included in Professional Fee

How to Proceed?

TradeMark Hearing | Copyright Hearing

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Yes. By filing prescribed form within the time as mentioned on the SCN
    • Yes. It is Advisable to hire a good Trademark agent or lawyer to appear in hearing on your before. As they know exactly how to present matter before registrar and crack in your favour sometimes.
    • Your Application shall be rejected.
    • At your Regional TM Office wherein you have applied. It is mentioned on SCN
(10 AM to 7 PM, IST)
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