Partnership Firm Registration in India

Partnership Firm Registration in India

Why Partnership Firm is the better choice for you?

Best option if your business or Profession is small as well individually managed
Registered Firm is Eligible to Apply for StartupIndia Recognition

Partnership Firm is the most popular business type wherein two or more person join together to start a business at agreed profit sharing ratio by simply preparing a Partnership deed on non judicial stamp paper. Partnership Firm in India is governed by Indian Partnership Act 1932 and Partnership Deed is the important document here. Partnership is easy to form, and the compliance is minimal as compared to companies and LLP. There 2 types of Partnership Firm - A) Registered Firm and D) Un-registered Firm. The Act does not require the Partnership Firm to be registered with Registrar of Firm or Any other Competent Authority authorised to Register Firm. Therefore Most of the Firm does not take Registration due to lack of knowledge. They simply Prepare a Partnership Deed and PAN card to start business. There are no penalties for non-registration and even a Firm can be registered any time after formation . There are some disadvantage of Un-registered Firm. So it is advisable to Register your Firm. Only A Registered Partnership Firm Eligible to apply for StartupIndia Recognition and get all benefits under the StartupIndia Scheme once approved.
How to take our Professional Service?

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Benefits/ Features of Registered Partnership Firm

  • Eligible to Apply for StartupIndia Recognition and Avail all benefits attached to scheme
  • Minimum 2 Partners required to form a partnership Firm
  • A partner of a Registered firm can file a suit in any court against the firm or other partners for the enforcement of any right arising from a contract or right conferred by the Partnership Act.
  • Partnership deed is an agreement between the partners in which rights, duties, profits shares and other obligations of each partner is mentioned
  • Partnership Firm is registered with State Govt. Office - Registrar of Firm or Sub-Registrar Office or with Any Authority authorised to Register a Partnership Firm under Indian Partnership Act 1932
  • Registered Partnership Firm Receive a Certificate of Registration from Authority

Requirement for Registered/Unregistered Partnership Firm formation

  • All Proposed Partners Name, Email ID and Mobile No. with ID/Address Proof
  • PAN Card Copy of all partners
  • Each Partner's Capital Contribution amount
  • Address of Firm Office and any Telephone/Mobile/Electricity Bill as proof of address

Our Service Coverage

After Partnership Firm formation, you will receive below documents from our side
  • Partnership Deed (Original Copy)
  • PAN Card
  • Firm Registration Certificate ( only in case of Registered Partnership Firm)

Partnership Firm Registration Process in India

Easy & Hassle free online process

Documentation & Finalise Firm name
First we collect documents and details as mentioned above and One Firm Name and Capital Contributions. DAY 1
Drafting Partnership Agreement (Deed)
Then next task is Drafting of Partnership Agreement defining Partner’s Capital contributions, Business Objects, rights, duties, profits shares and other obligations of each partner. Agreement copy shall take printout on Non judicial stamp paper as per prescribed applicable rate of the state govt based on Capital Contribution Amount. DAY 2-3
Apply PAN
After signing of agreement, next we apply for PAN card of the Firm. Takes 4-10 days here to receive PAN Card Copy
Apply Registration (Optional)
After receipt of PAN Card, Next we go ahead for Registration of your Partnership Firm with the Authority and whole process takes 5-15 working days. Registration of Partnership is Optional here and spend extra for this.

Our Professional Fees & Expenses

Unregistered Partnership Firm     - Professional Fee
Partnership Agreement & PAN card
5000 Select
Registered Partnership Firm     - Professional Fee
Firm Registration Certificate + Partnership Agreement + PAN card
10000 Select
Startup Partnership Firm     - Professional Fee
Firm Registration Certificate + Partnership Agreement + PAN card + StartupIndia Recognition
20000 Select

Note : Stamp Duty and Firm Registration Govt Fee is payable extra as per actual and not included on above fee

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Partnership Firm Registration in India
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