Registered office change from one state to another as per companies act 2013

Registered office change from one state to another as per companies act 2013

Shifting of Registered office from one state to another (Inter-State shifting of registered office)

State Transfer is bit lengthy task as it affects on state govt. revenue loss
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All companies in India are required to have registered office from the date of commencement of business or within 30 days from the date of incorporation whichever is earlier. Registered office is the place to which all official communications are done. Generally, management keeps registered office of company at the place where they are residing or where their business is established. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to shift the registered office from one state to another because it helps in better co-ordination at work or better opportunity of growth or even change of management.
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Procedure for shifting of registered office from one state to another

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This Process is time taken and approx months to keep in hand

Step 1 - Board Meeting
Convene a board meeting for obtaining approval of board members for shifting of registered office and also for convening of Extra-Ordinary General Meeting (EGM).
Step 2 - Call EGM
Convene EGM and pass special resolution for shifting of registered office. File Form MGT-14 within 30 days of passing of special resolution attaching CTC of special resolution, notice of EGM and altered MOA and AOA
Step 3 - CA Certified List of Creditors
Prepare list of creditors and get certified list of creditors from Auditor of the company.
Step 4 - News paper Publication
Publish a notice in at least once vernacular newspaper in the principal vernacular language in the district in which the registered office of the company is situated, and at least once in English language in an English newspaper circulating in that district.
Step 5 - NOC from Creditors
Prepare and send notice for shifting of registered office to all creditors as per the certified list of creditors given by Auditor. Take NOC from all creditors with KYC documents and get notarised (In case NOC is taken from foreign creditor then this needs to be notarised and apostilled in the home country)
Step 6 - Application to Regional Director
Prepare – Affidavit, List of directors, List of members and petition application to Regional director
Step 7 - Send Documents to Chief Secretary
Finalise all documents and send by speed post with complete application set to Chief Secretary
Step 8 - GNL 1
Scan complete set of documents and sent on mail to ROC of respective state. Thereafter prepare form GNL-1 and attach complete set of documents along with proof of mail sent to ROC
Step 9 - Process in Regional Director office
After approval of Form GNL-1, prepare and file Form INC-23 with Complete Application Set in duplicate (Notarized affidavit, Memorandum, NOC, Audited Financial, Annual Report, Paper cutting & memorandum of appearance and all other documents). Submit Hard copies of petion with all originals documents to concerned Regional Director office.
Step 10 - INC 28 file
Once GNL-1 is approved and approval order is received from Regional director, File Form INC-28 within 30 days of receiving order copy from RD office
Step 11 - INC 22 file
Prepare and file Form INC-22 concerned ROC of State within a month attaching Utility Bill, NOC of premises and proof of registered office within 30 days of receipt of Order.

Documents requirement of Company's registered Office State Transfer

Altered copy of the Memorandum And Articles of Association
Certified True Copy of Board Resolution
Copy of the Notice Convening The General Meeting along with relevant Explanatory Statement
Copy of the Special Resolution sanctioning the alteration by the members of the company
Copy of the Minutes of The General Meeting at which the resolution authorizing such alteration was passed, giving details of the number of votes cast in favour or against the resolution
Affidavit Verifying the application (On Stamp Paper duly notarized)
List of Creditors and Debenture Holders entitled to object to the application
Affidavit Verifying The List of Creditors; (On Stamp Paper duly notarized)
The document relating to payment of application fee
Copy of News Paper Advertisement
Affidavit by Director verifying non-retrenchment of employees
Affidavit verifying the Publication of News Paper Notice
Memorandum of Appearance and Board resolution authorizing company secretary / Chartered Accountant or advocate
Copy of Board Resolution Or Power Of Attorney or the executed Vakalatnama, as the case may be (in the favour of Professional)
Affidavit verifying the list of Employees.(On Stamp Paper duly notarized)
Copy of the latest audited balance sheet and profit and loss account of the company along with auditors’ and directors’ report
Affidavit proving the dispatch and service of notice to the Chief Secretary
Board resolution authorizing the director to submit the petition
Registered office change from one state to another as per companies act 2013

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Registered office change from one state to another as per companies act 2013
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